Bill McMullen: Hype, Hustle, Rip-Off


Bill McMullen is so — I hate to use the word — creative. Widely known as one of the Beastie Boys' graphic designers (we're talking "Hello Nasty" and beyond here), he is also well known for his limited edition "action" figures which were sold at Kidrobot while they lasted. Some people remember the sick designs he did for the seminal skate store, SWISHNYC, while others recall his mad DJing skills. And he has many fans for his designs for the Criterion Collection. Did we mention the NYC line of sneakers that he designed for Adidas? It is just too much.

In his first solo exhibition, opening this weekend at the Constant Gallery, McMullen mixes his interest in pop culture and graphic design with old school obsolete musical technology to express the ever-increasing corporate influence we all experience. McMullen says this is an ode to some of his favorite influences, the "impending corpocracy" and that he is really excited about this show. And you should be too.


Hype, Hustle, Rip-Off
21 February-28 March 2009
Constant Gallery
2673 South La Cienega Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90034 map
tel. +1 310 430 9058