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Black Architects in the Making Tackles Disparity in the Design Industry

According to a study conducted by the National Organization of Minority Architects, there are more than 122,000 registered architects in the US but only 2% of them (less than 2,700) identify as Black. To help fight this racial disparity, Miami-based organization Black Architects in the Making (BAM) is bringing architectural education to young Black students in local elementary and high schools. They partnered with the Miami Center for Architecture and Design to create curriculums with architects to teach students about famous buildings, how to draw floor plans, design simple structures, use 3D programming, navigate the industry and more. After high school, BAM offers mentorships and scholarship opportunities for students who want to continue pursuing architecture. Since launching in 2016, they’ve worked with over 600 students. Read more about them at Fast Company.

Image courtesy of Craig Aquart

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