Bottom Half Nude Blog


It seems everyone's a part-time blogger these days and finding out exactly where to waste your office work time can be a difficult task. We thought we'd help you take out the frustration out of the guessing game by letting you in on the arrival of the hilarious Bottom Half Nude. Much like the beloved Craplinks, the founders, three Melbourne-based designers (Mary Pearls, Marty George and Benjita the Creaker), figured the rest of the world should share in their workplace banter. Whether it's a naked Japanese man peeling a banana with his butt cheeks, hilarious rants about particular body parts complete with illustrations or just an overtly weird newspaper snippet, Bottom Half Nude is set for cult status among the world's elite procrastinators. CH caught up with the obviously hard-working trio to find out why they succumbed to the world of blogging.

What was the motivation behind adding another blog to the WWW?
We wanted some kind of refuse dump for our brains. We are all employees of a particularly forgiving design studio, who are gracious enough to allow us to do this, and it is basically a depository for all the thoughts and ideas that don't have any immediate practical use. Kinda like the excess cream that spills out the sides when you're making triple-layer sponge cake.

What's with the name?
It captures in essence what we're trying to do, just letting it all hang out.

Why should people check it out? If you're anything like us, then you might like us, so to speak. People need things to do when they're at work and not working, the Internet needs a filtration unit; hopefully Bottom Half Nude can perform both those roles.

Can a blogger take over the world?
Obviously not individually. I can't see Perez Hilton storming across the border into Poland on a tank any time soon, but I think that, collectively, blogging does offer a democratization of information that is unheard of in history. There have been some amazing, passionately written blogs coming out of Iraq and other stride-torn parts of the world, information that the mainstream media just doesn't report on. But that's not really what Bottom Half Nude is about. We'll leave the freedom fighting, world-changing stuff to the other guys. We'd rather concentrate the big issues like YouTube clips of Japanese game shows.