Cardi Black Box Vol. 1

A new publication richly documents one of Milan's most progressive young galleries

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Keeping with the family business, Nicolò Cardi and his partners chose to develop a museum-like approach to his Galleria Cardi by supporting artists in the creation of new projects and collaborating with innovative international museums and cultural institutions. An extension of the contemporary art space and the brainchild of Cardi, Cardi Black Box catalogs the young gallery’s successes.


The hugely dense book takes a look at exhibitions, special projects and conversations with the artists. With accurate descriptions of each initiative, details and images of every single work of art ever displayed, as well as its signature type and graphic design, there’s plenty to pore over in this first edition.


Some of the most compelling works are the intense still-life photographs of Shirana Shahbazi, the hyper-detailed paintings of Scott Short (which copies by hand the details of photocopies), the portraits of mafia killings by Sicilian photojournalist Letizia Battaglia and the obsessive and colorful graphics of Thomas Bayrle.


Printed by Tar Siz Publishing (known for their art-enthused publication Tar Magazine), Cardi Black Box Vol. 1 was designed and produced entirely by the gallery staff.

The book hits museums and concept shops 18 October 2010, and currently pre-sells from Colette. See more images from Cardi Black Box Vol. 1 in the gallery below.