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David Rockwell and Bruce Mau: Spectacle

New from Phaidon, Spectacle is a detailed exploration of larger-than-life events from around the world. Aiming to capture "the power of real-time, real-space events in today's highly mediated world," Spectacle includes over 200 stunning photographs from events as diverse as the Olympic opening ceremonies, the biannual Brussels Flower Carpet (pictured center, click all images for detail), the Harbin Ice Festival, Burning Man, Cinco de Mayo (pictured right), Holy (pictured left) and the Spanish tomato-throwing festival Tomatina. Accompanying texts give concise historical and cultural context.

Authored by architect David Rockwell in collaboration with Bruce Mau, the book also includes interviews with award-winning authors, producers, directors and performers, including Muhammad Ali, John Waters, Quincy Jones and Dave Hickey. The "Getting There" chapter offers a calendar and vital information about how to attend 100 spectacles around the world.

Spectacle is available from Amazon or directly from Phaidon.


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