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Denim Hokusai


Hokusai's famous wave, already re-imagined by Kozyndan as a tide of bunnies, got a new medium when Levi's exec and surfer Caroline Calvin handcrafted a 22 foot by 12 foot jeans mosaic that depicts a detail of the "The Great Wave." Called "Love and Peace," after debuting at a special event during Los Angeles's fashion week this Wednesday October 19th and showing a second time in Japan, 32 of the 35 pairs from the artwork will be distributed and sold in stores in New York, London, Los Angeles, Tokyo and San Francisco. Each unique piece has the words "Love and Peace" across the back, features a button from Calvin's personal collection, comes with a scroll describing the process with photographs by her husband, photographer Peter Calvin, and will retail for $1,000. Click on the image to the right for a closer look.

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