Record Store Day 2016: DJ Lloyd’s Deep Cuts

The Lot Radio regular and Tiki Disco co-founder shares eight gems from his 5000+ collection

In case you’ve forgotten, Record Store Day is tomorrow. Regardless of whether the hundreds of “exclusive new releases and reissues” were worth pressing to vinyl, the event celebrates the long-loved medium and rekindles the flame with albums old and new. And NYC’s Lloyd Harris (aka DJ Lloydski) is getting us in the mood by sharing some deep cuts you’re immediately going to bookmark. He’s one of the three DJs behind Tiki Disco (the feel-good Sunday dance parties which grew out of Roberta’s outdoor garden into an annual summer series; the season kicks off in one month at Bushwick’s The Well) and is an integral part of Brooklyn’s new The Lot Radio, where he hosts “Dinner With Lloyd” (spinning records weekdays 12-2PM on The Lot Radio via web browser or iOS app).

Of his personal collection of 5000+ records, Lloyd says, “I can’t really say what my favorite records are but here are some that I enjoy playing on the radio or at home. None of them are rare, in fact quite the opposite.”

Dhou: Walkin’

My favorite records are the overlooked ones usually found in dollar bins and throw-away piles. I’m pretty sure that’s where I found this one. I think if I ever sell my collection I probably won’t get that much money for it due to the fact that I gravitate towards the records that aren’t worth much begin with. Guess I’ll have to keep them.

Will Powers: Smile

I think when this list is done it will be mostly music from the ’80s. What a great era for music. The technology for making music was changing overnight and the songs were reflecting that. I know it’s easy to write off the whole decade however some of the sounds from that era still sound fresh today. [CH: We love how Will Powers—rock photographer Lynn Goldsmith’s musical alter-ego—offered pseudo self-help through the power of disco and 3D computer-animated music videos]

Colourbox: Tarantula

Some songs speak to you in an indescribable way. That’s this song. It’s not rare or sought-after in any way but it’s still a great song.

Mr Fingers: Stars (remix)

Great updated version of Stars by Mr Fingers. Without taking away from the original, this remix encapsulates everything I like about house.

Chayell: Tropic

Belgian New Beat is one of those genres I would climb a mountain to obtain if I had to. I got this record in Brussels at Dr. Vinyl a couple summers ago. The manager of the store couldn’t believe I traveled all the way from New York City looking for New Beat which at the time was well over 20 years past its prime. He was so blown away he went home and brought boxes of New Beat from his own collection for me to check out. This was in that collection.

Ebony: The Man I Love

I think I found this record when I was in Mexico City last year shooting a documentary on their electronic scene. What I loved about it was that it has just the right amount of sleaze without being too cheesy. These sort of sleazy European disco records are hard to come by in the states but for some reason they’re in abundance in Mexico City. Go figure.

The Monks: Drugs in my Pocket

This song is hilarious because at one point or another we’ve all been there. Maybe some more recently, maybe some not in a very long time but we’ve all been there. Can’t believe someone made a song about it.

Risco Connection: It’s My House

My father was a DJ in New York before I was born so we always had a lot of music playing around the house. This is one of those records. Come to find out 20 years later it’s worth a lot of money and super-rare. Go Dad!

Portrait courtesy of Fatik, screengrab by Cool Hunting