D.R.A.M.: Don’t Let D.R.A.M. Be A Hot Boy (Missy Elliott Remix)

Proving once again Missy Elliott’s brand of music has literally no sell-by date, Virginia artist D.R.A.M. (aka Shelley Massenburg-Smith) has remixed her sublimely perfect Timbaland-produced “Hot Boyz” (from her 1998 album Da Real World) and taken the slick, seductive and effortless sample to create “Don’t Let D.R.A.M. Be A Hot Boy.” The track pays just enough homage to Elliott, while still creating something brand new—complete with a little falsetto, soul and plenty of sleaze. (This remix is also a great reason to re-visit the color-saturated, Hype Williams-directed video from 16 years ago—featuring Lil Mo, Eve, Nas, Ginuwine and Timbaland.)