How Drunk People Invented the Weekend

Everybody has regrettable drunk moments, but we learned (thanks to Discovery News host Trace Dominguez) that boozed-up British people are to be thanked for inventing the two-day weekend. In his video, Dominguez explains the significance of numbers, days, weeks and time via religion and history. Interestingly, during the Industrial Revolution in England (from around 1760 to sometime between 1820 and 1840) “Britons started using Sabbath days for enjoyment instead of religion—they’d party on Sunday,” which meant Mondays became known as Saint Monday; when people would take the day off to deal with their hangovers. This led to factory-owners offering a deal to their workers: show up on Monday morning, and you can take a half-day on Saturdays. Essentially, hungover workers are the reason we get two days off instead of one. Weekend warriors, we salute you.