Elliott Landy’s Opening Night

A glamorous collection of images from the famed photographer in a limited edition book

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Whether or not you know the name Elliott Landy, you’ve most certainly seen his work. The photographer has captured iconic rock and roll imagery for decades. From Woodstock (he was the official festival photographer in 1969) to intimate work with Bob Dylan, his photo books have also achieved much acclaim. His most recent, however, is a departure. Replacing the grit and sweat with glamour, Landy’s OPENING NIGHT showcases never-before-seen images of the epitome of late 1960s celebrity culture. The product of six months worth of NYC swanky press events in 1968, Landy captured everyone from Andy Warhol and Elizabeth Taylor to Dustin Hoffman and Faye Dunaway. Some of the images are deeply intimate portrayals of beloved characters, and all of them are insightful—offering a glimpse into the time and the characters inhabiting the luxuriant lifestyle.

While it’s a slender volume at 68 pages, the black and white images toy with iconography and affirm the A-list faces of the day. A range of emotion has been captured, in the context of celebration. And at its core, this is a reflection of Hollywood beauty despite the fact that there are no glamour shots here—just candid moments. The Duotone book has been limited to only 1,000 copies, so it’s unlikely that some of these photos will be circulated any further than within its pages.

“Opening Night” is available from Imperial Pictures Publishing for $35.

Images courtesy of Elliott Landy