Extinction Rebellion’s Roger Hallam Speaks With ACT UP’s Peter Staley

As Extinction Rebellion’s two-week international protest came to a close, a conversation between its founder, Roger Hallam, and ACT UP’s Peter Staley appeared on Document Journal. Within, the two activists, guided by writer Elizabeth Rush, discuss similarities between the climate and AIDs crises, the potential extinction of the human race, and how mass movements can alter history. Hallam also insists that Extinction Rebellion aims to bring awareness to more than changing temperatures and rising sea levels: the climate crisis is the beginning of a societal collapse, he argues. Both agree that there’s no other option than speaking up. “You’ve just got to cause a lot of shit and be absolutely courageous and absolutely clear that you’re right and communicate the ferocity of your rage that massive injustice is being committed. Somewhere along the lines, the system cracks, and you get a deal,” Hallam says. Read more at Document Journal—and see the story in magazine’s FW19 print issue.