Cool Hunting Video Presents: Feeding Desire

"Feeding Desire," the Cooper-Hewitt's latest exhibition looks at the evolution of utensils from 1500 to the present

Like a history of civilization told through forks, the current exhibit “Feeding Desire” (through 29 October 2006) at New York’s Cooper-Hewitt design museum traces the evolution of utensils from 1500-2005. Including highlights like pre-18th century sharkskin-handled knives (used when inns didn’t provide flatware for guests), and pieces by well-known Scandinavian designers such as Georg Jensen and Arne Jacobsen that exemplify the Danish modern aesthetic, the show reveals the way these quotidian objects of design are also some of the most emotional and intimate. Cool Hunting Video’s 47th episode takes you on a personal guided tour of “Feeding Desire” with Cooper-Hewitt curator Sarah Coffin, who shares her knowledge and passion of Cooper-Hewitt’s extensive collection.