1970s Feminist Artists Inspired Many Famous Painters That Followed

Much of the inspiration for the loud and lauded paintings by men from the ’80s comes from feminist artists a decade earlier—by the likes of Joan Semmel, Maria Lassnig, Betty Tompkins and others. The 1960s and ’70s proved to be pivotal eras in privacy law, and the succeeding decade in art showed outward expression of these newly acquired rights—and feminist artists pioneered it for the Neo-Expressionist artists that followed. The concept of “neo” here has been contested and even used ironically, as many believed there was nothing new about it. As Joan Snyder says, “At the height of the Pop and Minimal movements, we [women] were making other art—art that was personal, auto-biographical, expressionistic, narrative, and political… This was called Feminist Art. This was what the art of the 1980s was finally about, appropriated by the most famous male artists of the decade.” Read more at Artsy.