Flavorpill Sundance


Describing Flavorpill Sundance, a blog devoted to the happenings of the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, one is tempted to say it’s all over that indiefest like a cheap suit.

But that would be wrong. Flavorpill isn’t a cheap suit, it’s much more urbane than any draped piece of polyester. With its team of dozens of editors, reporters, and stringers, digging down into the dirt, bringing its readers the need-to-know, want-to-know buzz of the independent film market, it’s more of a dirty pair of coveralls.

Who’s in the film? Who wrote it? Directed it? Does it have a distribution deal? These are the kinds of questions its blog entries answer in a concise and witty fashion.

To accomplish this, Flavorpill literally hounds the major players of the indie “industry” as they ride the bus to and from the festival, printing the interviews verbatim complete with impromptu digital snaps of the hapless cinema hacks being harangued while riding public transport.

They do the legwork and get the story. This is shoeleather entertainment journalism at its finest.