Flood Tide

Swoon's art flotilla takes the big screen in a new fact-bending documentary


Using a real event to tell a fictional story, “Flood Tide” chronicles the open water adventure of four musicians who build a raft and set sail on the Hudson. The 50-minute film—directed by artist Todd Chandler—uses footage of street artist Swoon’s seven-boat-strong performance project “The Swimming Cities of the Switchback Sea,” to realistically interpret their fantastic voyage. As the motley cast of characters—a troupe of gypsy-punk hippie types—gain friends and momentum, the film unfolds for a beautifully romantic take on art and escapism.


Set to the live sounds of the folk sextet Dark Dark Dark, Flood Tide screens for free at NYC’s Rooftop Film Festival on 7 July 2010 at Socrates Sculpture Park before hitting up festivals and venues around the U.S.