Fray Magazine


Fiction can be fun, but nothing's better than hearing a personal tale that leaves you wishing for more and provides the relieving feeling that you're not the only one who has tried to smuggle a swordfish through customs.

That's why we're happy the San Francisco-based web community Fray has decided to take their stories, usually told online and on the road, and put them in print with "Fray: The Quarterly of True Stories and Original Art". They've just put out their second issue entitled "Geek: True Stories of People Taking Things Too Seriously", after the success of their first issue, "Busted!", which chronicled true stories of people being caught in the act. Contributors range from professionals who have written for magazines like "Wired" and "Playboy" to the average person with a great narrative to tell. The offbeat articles and engaging interviews will keep you amused and the original artwork is a great way to find a new sources of inspiration.

Fray is sold online and in newsstands for $12, but if you subscribe now you'll get the first two issues, two future issues and a Geek pocket protector for $35.