Farewell to “Cloudsmith” Artist Geoffrey Hendricks

Best known for sky imagery in his paintings, objects, installations, and performance pieces, “cloudsmith” artist (and teacher at Rutgers University for 47 years) Geoffrey Hendricks passed away at 86 years old. A major part of the avant-garde Fluxus movement of the ’60s—a genre which was experimental and helped to open up conversations surrounding the “meaning” of art—Hendricks was a significant part of the New York art world, despite not being a household name. He and his wife Bici Forbes were married for a decade before having their “Flux Divorce” at their Manhattan home, Hendricks saying, “By the time of our 10th wedding anniversary… it was like, ‘Well, what should we do? Because we’re both gay.'” This public art performance was just one of Hendricks’ remarkable works, which bended the ideas of traditional art.