Getty Images Opens Access to 30,000 Rare Photos of the Black Diaspora

Getty Images has opened access to their Black History & Culture Collection, which includes around 30,000 rare images of the Black diaspora in the UK and US. Free to use for not-for-profit or educational purposes, the collection spans the 19th century to today and includes 20 categories from politics to women’s empowerment, LGBTQ+, education, hair and more. To curate the images, Getty partnered with organizations and academic institutions that center on Black history, such as Black History Walks, Ohio State University and Black Archives. “The inception of this began in trying to respond to George Floyd’s murder,” says the collection’s project manager, Kwame Asiedu. “This project is really important because it’s about access and education and empowerment. For so long, those three words—regardless of whether it’s an image collection—have been missing from a lot of Black communities around the world.” Read more about the project’s aim to decolonize history at The Guardian.

Image courtesy of London Stereoscopic Company/Getty Images