Global Rich List Redesign

The decade-strong income visualization tool gets a real-time update


Reading accounts of the world’s wealthiest, it’s easy to feel poor. But few think about how their own income stacks up globally, something that Global Rich List (GRL) has been educating people on for a decade through their online income calculator. Ten years after their launch during the 2003 G8 Summit, GRL is going strong with a newly revamped website designed by our friends at Poke London. The relaunch coincides with The Sunday Times’ Rich List, an annual look at Britain’s wealthiest earners. GRL makes you realize that—while you might fall short of Branson and Beckham—chances are you earn a comparatively massive salary when juxtaposed with the world.

The site has become a standard source for visualizing income inequality, and with the new streamlined design the tool looks poised for another influential decade to come.


Improvements include a scrolling interface—friendly to mobile platforms as well as third world browsers—and a live data feed connected to the World Bank Data API. In addition to salary, you can now also compare by wealth, which takes into account land holdings, savings and investments in addition to income. While GRL notes that in the past 10 years one billion have been lifted out of poverty, there are still another billion living under the $1.25 per day mark (standardized at 2005 prices).

Intended to inspire generosity, GRL provides insight into the situation faced by people the world over. Donations are directed to Care International, an organization dedicated to improving wealth inequality.

Images courtesy of Global Rich List