Guerilla Lighting London


A hundred-strong guerilla army is descending on London this Thursday night, to peacefully spread their love of light. After successfully turning Manchester many different colours in November 2006 (see images), Martin Lupton and his team from the Building Design Partnership are going to do the same in the English capital as part of Switched On London—a lighting festival that's been centered on a part of the River Thames all week. Cued by an air-horn, designers, architects, and manufacturers armed with high-powered torches, projectors and hundreds of gels and filters will blitz the area called the Pool Of London, between London Bridge and Tower bridge, with a transient light installation. It won't be on for long, and after it's photographed for posterity, it will be switched off forever.

Guerilla Lighting London happens on the evening of Thursday 15 February 2007, at around 7pm.

More images, including before and after, here.