Hayden feat. Feist: On A Beach

The third single from Are We Good, the first full-length studio album from alt-folk recording artist Hayden (aka Hayden Desser) since 2015, “On A Beach” not only features vocals by beloved singer-songwriter Feist but was also crafted after an invitation from her to join a songwriting workshop with other notable figures. “I was terrified, but joined in as an attempt to jolt myself out of submission,” Hayden says in a statement. “The idea was to write a song a day for seven consecutive days, sharing them later each evening with the other writers. A great combination of pure feet to the fire expression and accountability.” “On A Beach” was Hayden’s submission for the fourth day and proved to the musician that “after all these years, a song can still appear nearly fully formed in one quick inspired moment.” The clever music video, featuring cameos by Steve Buscemi and The National’s Matt Berlinger, plays upon the song’s hypnotic nature and innate cleverness.