Héctor Zamora: Sciame di Dirigibili


The installation "Sciame di Dirigibili" by Mexico-born, Brazilian resident Héctor Zamora is jump-starting the exciting kickoff of the six-month-long 53rd Venice Biennale, offering us a glimpse at what will have festival-goers remembering the event for biennials to come.

Zamora wedged a life-size zeppelin between buildings at the Arsenale—where a majority of the events take place—saluting the former era of air balloon festivals that captivated Venice in the 1900s.

To this end, he tapped local street artists to help him create an imaginary air balloon celebration, publicized through posters and post cards. Both the installation and the faux-festival memorabilia will be for sale all over the city for the duration of the show.


Venice Biennale
7 June-22 November 2009
San Marco 1364/A
30124 Venice, Italy map
tel. +39 041 5218711