CydeKick Mobile USB Charger

The Spinetics-made device converts bicycle wheel rotations into power

by Emily Bihl

With the season of summer Fridays already underway in the northern hemisphere, commuters and hobbyists alike are moving their bikes out of storage and into heavy rotation. While cycling provides a pleasant respite from sitting at a desk, sometimes the desire to recharge our minds directly conflicts with the ability to recharge our devices—until now. Miami-based start-up Spinetics has engineered an elegant solution with their soon-to-be-launched CydeKick Pro, a device that converts wheel rotations into power that can then be used to charge any USB-compatible device—without creating any additional friction or drag on the bicycle.

Spinetics co-founder Nicolas Zamora originally sought to provide an alternative to the car-charger—the main on-the-go charging solution he saw being used in Miami—for commuters who got around in a more environmentally-friendly manner. But in doing so, it was important to him that the CydeKick be able to charge devices—and power the attached headlight—without sacrificing the efficiency of the bike itself. “It’s not a trade off, because there’s no resistance,” he tells CH.

The technology behind CydeKick Pro isn’t exactly new (the system of magnets through which the energy is generated is comparable to that of motors dating back over a hundred years) but the meticulous consideration put into the development of the CydeKick gives it a distinctly modern value. In addition to charging phones on the go, the USB hookup also enables charging of GPS devices, GoPro cameras, and more. While Zamora envisions CydeKick mainly being utilized by those who “are biking to work or to the gym, using their bikes for utility and leisure,” it’s not hard to imagine how the CydeKick could be a valuable tool for those taking more ambitious bike trips.

The CydeKick Pro is available online for $150 through Spinetics’ Kickstarter, which launched today, and where backers have the exclusive opportunity to receive one of three bikes customized by local Miami artists.

Images courtesy of Spinetics