Hello Kitty The Show

A theatrical production celebrates everyone's favorite cartoon feline Hello Kitty


The first theatrical performance to immortalize the Japanese icon, Hello Kitty The Show is a collaboration between Italian school of performing arts Mas and Hello Kitty creator Sanrio, currently on view at the Teatro Nuovo in Milan through 28 February 2010.

In a surreal setting, the show tells the simple but universal story of three girls, each with their own passion but seemingly destined to live a routine life. But, thanks to a little courage and hope, the girls find themselves in a special world placed between fantasy and reality, filled with bizarre-looking citizens that test their perseverance and determination and finally lead them to complete self-expression.

hellokitty-show-1.jpg hellokitty-show-2.jpg

Hello Kitty appears and disappears throughout the performance, and like a real diva whenever she arrives the stage turns to a shiny pink hue and the audience cheers. In the era of the definitive affirmation of 3-D imagery, the show presents a clearly bi-dimensional and superflat set. The beautiful costumes, scenery and iconic sets have the look of any Hello Kitty card, notebook, bag or T-shirt, confirming the unbelievable strength and versatility of the brand’s iconography.

hellokitty-show-3.jpg hellokitty-show-4.jpg

Full of ingenuous demeanor, an international tour will follow the show’s run in Italy. Dates and locations will be announced soon on the official website.