Holly Miranda’s International Women’s Day Playlist for Cool Hunting

The singer/songwriter and instrumentalist's selection of songs for 8 March

In celebration of women almighty, all around the world, 8 March is a special day. Whether you’re able to participate in A Day Without Women, donate to a women-focused organization, or have committed to a different way to take part, International Women’s Day is about much more than equal pay for white, cisgender women in the Western World—it’s about justice and human rights for all women. In the spirit of celebration and hope for the future, we asked singer/songwriter and musician Holly Miranda to create a playlist for IWD2017. With treasures from the likes of Nina Simone, Kate Bush, Marlena Shaw, Little Scream and—of course—Lesley Gore’s classic “You Don’t Own Me,” it’s an eclectic collection of songs that shines an extra spotlight on already luminous female talent. As Miranda says about A Day Without Women, “Can you imagine what music would be like without the contribution of women?”

In February, Miranda released “Midnight Oil,” a Cris Williamson cover song incorporating a 28-member backing choir known as the New Asylum (which features many renowned vocalists). Beautiful, powerful and ultimately moving, the track’s proceeds benefit the Sioux Nation reservation and their fight to stop the Dakota pipeline.

Lead image courtesy of Shervin Lainez