Ikea: Come Into The Closet


Inviting everyone to "come into the closet," Ikea's playful ad campaign uses an interactive flash-based dance scene, controlled by sound, to highlight their creativity when it comes to closet organizing systems. The clever promotion revolves around various characters who dance robotically to music in four different rooms, each pulling accessories from the different storage solutions.


A five song selection dictates the characters' dance moves, but customers also have the option to upload their own tunes or create original music using a computer keyboard and mic. Skillfully blending modern dance, video that effectively illustrates product functions, an intuitively fun interface and absurdist styling (like a suit jacket and tie worn with boxers, socks with garters), the micro-site makes for a compelling diversion.


While already a year old, the campaign is still a fun way to show off the product line and an example of the fun-loving side of web design. From Mexican wrestlers to a blonde afro'd family, Ikea understands how to make organization entertaining.