James Victore: Burning Questions

The graphic designer's web series serves up a dose of sage wisdom for the creative set

The lives of designers, freelancers and creatives are fraught with ups and downs. Projects come, contracts go, clients run the gamut from perfect to impossible, and sometimes the creative juices just don’t flow when they’re most needed. No one knows this better than beacon of good vibes and sound advice, design veteran James Victore. Victore started his YouTube series “Burning Questions” for all those creatives who’ve hit that all-too-familiar wall.

“We kept getting the same questions over and over,” Victore says, “We decided there was a huge need for us to get this information out into the world on a bigger and more accessible scale.” This week’s question addresses the age old problem: speed versus quality. With a dose of humor and genuine concern, Victore’s wisdom on working in the digital age of distraction and quantity over quality reflects a sound voice of reason. “We want to remind people that we are all on the same journey,” Victore adds. “We want to inspire them to take charge of their lives and realize their full potential.”

Check out Victore’s YouTube channel for the full “Burning Questions” series and visit his website for a look at his work.

Images courtesy of James Victore