Jodi Peckman’s “Come Fly With Me” Celebrates Flying + Fashion

A photo book full of airport chic

Celebrating air-travel chic—but more deeply, the joy of escape through travel—Come Fly With Me: Flying in Style comprises photographs spanning several decades, each selected by photo editor Jodi Peckman. She began collecting the images during her tenure at Rolling Stone and tells us, “Part of my job was editing a section called Random Notes which was two to three pages of photographs with captions. The photos were from events, concerts, general paparazzi and event photography, images located on news agency websites. I also did a lot of photo research for the stories. During these research sessions I pulled aside photos of celebrities at the airport for no particular reason other than I found them interesting.”

Cover image courtesy of Rizzoli / Paul and Linda McCartney at London Gatwick (1971) Central Press/Getty Images

Tracing the glamour of the ’60s and ’70s, to the striking fashion of the ’80s, through to the styles of today, the book includes images of stylish individuals from Frank Sinatra to Prince, Whitney Houston and Rihanna. “One of the first ones I loved was the image of Paul and Linda McCartney from the ’70s,” Peckman says. “I suppose I was drawn to the ’70s style of clothes but I also loved how unpretentious they looked given how famous they were. That might have been the actual first one I saved and over the years I just kept pulling them off the websites and saving them. I collected hundreds of them.”

Whitney Houston at Los Angeles International (1993) Ron Galella/Ron GalellaCollection via Getty Images / Prince at London Heathrow (1989) David Parker / AlamyStock

Over the course of the years’ long project, Peckman trawled through countless photographs. Distilling them to a 144-page book proved difficult, but she created parameters that made for an appealing collection. “All of the images were chosen very carefully according to composition and if I found it compelling. I was looking for great fashion, humor, graphic quality,” she says. “Many times there were several versions of each image and I considered all these things when choosing the final one.” The resulting selection of images is joyful, playful and wistful—as we all yearn for the days of the adventure and escape that travel provides.

Hero image of Dolly Parton at London Heathrow (1976) Bettmann, courtesy of Rizzoli