Kerry Miller: Passive Aggressive Notes


Print is not dead and, compliments of Kerry Miller's collection of passive aggressive notes via the Internet, the fine examples of the physical interpersonal communication going on around us are free for our enjoyment.

In the same spirit as Post Secret and the NamelessleTTer Project, Passive Aggressive Notes chronicles the various ways we convey frustrations with roommates, soul mates, coworkers and others in that polite but not-so-polite manner.

A collection of the forthright notes that Miller assembled over the past few years are now on display at London's Kessels Kramer Outlet, a double-functioning gallery and innovative communication solutions agency—the perfect venue for such loquacious fodder.


Miller uses the term "passive" loosely. Some of the submissions are downright nasty while some actually play to the tactful route, but almost all are thoughts and concerns we've all experienced, making this exhibit painstakingly amusing.


For more passive aggressive notes, check out Miller's Amazon.

Passive Aggressive Notes
4-30 June 2009
Kessels Kramer Outlet
42 Hoxton Square
London N1 6PB map
tel. +44 20 7033 7680