Kraftwerk: Computer Love

Founding member of wildly influential German electronic band Kraftwerk, Florian Schneider has passed away at 73 years old. Along with Ralf Hütter, Schneider created an experimental act, Organisation, in the late ’60s and embraced electronic music—experimenting with instruments and sounds. Soon after, the duo started Kraftwerk, whose self-titled debut came out in 1971. While known for innovative sound (the band paved the way for all kinds of electronic music including electro-pop, synth-pop, art-pop and more), Kraftwerk also broke the boundaries of music technology, making their own instruments and custom-building various devices. Schneider himself used to warp the sound of his primary instrument, the flute, in mesmerizing ways. He also played synths, guitar, saxophone, drums, violin and sang. From 1981’s Computer World (the band’s eighth studio album), “Computer Love” features minimal vocals that could be described as robotic or clinical, but song somehow brims with emotion.