Cool Hunting Video Presents: Leo Villareal

Chelsea studio of artist Leo Villareal, we see the technology behind his light sculptures

Our 65th video visits New York-based light sculptor Leo Villareal in his Chelsea studio a week before his third solo show in Manhattan inaugurates the new Gering & López gallery. Leo walks us through his latest three sculptures that he’s exhibiting, including “Hive,” an interactive piece, “Field,” which is a massive sunset-like work of shifting colors and a piece like “Origin” based on Newtonian physics. We also get a peak at the custom software Leo uses to program his mesmerizing patterns of light and get a sampling of other large-scale outdoor installations he’s completed.

If you’re in New York, don’t miss the chance to be in the presence of his work. His show runs through 28 April 2007 at Gering & López. Details are below.

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Leo Villareal: New Work
23 February-28 April 2007

Gering & López

730 Fifth Avenue

New York, NY 10019 map

tel. +1 646 336 7183