Light Works

Dan Flavin‘s pared-down constructions and more recent works by Leo Villareal and Spencer Fitch (Sunset (South Texas, 6/21/03) pictured)—to Bruce Nauman’s tongue-in-cheek neon, Tim Noble and Sue Webster’s interpretations of Vegas strip-style signs and Jenny Holzer‘s LED proclamations, light installations often play off the captivating nature of luminescence. Other artists, like Felix Gonzalez-Torres’ delicate strings of lightbulbs and Tatsuo Miyajima’s interactive, pulsing LEDs, use light as an elegant metaphor for weighty themes, like life, death, and existence. Connecting light to the physical world, James Turrell makes large-scale, sky-like expanses, while Olafur Eliasson recreates weather. Check all these artists out and more on Artkrush.