Like Knows Like Documents Wasted Rita

Insight into the life of the nomadic Portuguese artist in this new short film

Back in 2012, filmmaker Bas Berkhout and photographer Marije Kuiper launched a socially oriented side project together, known as Like Knows Like (LKL)—with an aim to make documentaries about the people they admired. The duo shot 10 films in the beginning of 2013—delving into the worlds of artists and entrepreneurs—and each video won them many fans for their vision and ability to capture sincere moments. Their latest, premiering today, focuses on Wasted Rita, a visual artist and graphic designer who has been traveling the world sharing her work. She caught the attention of Like Knows Like along the way and the result sheds a softer light on her oftentimes aggressive work.


Berkhout shares with CH that Rita was initially referred to him by way of social media. “We intend to shoot for LKL in every country we visit for holidays or work. This is a non-funded side/passion project and it is really important for us to have fun and interact with other creatives,” he says. “We had the opportunity to travel to Portugal and we called on the help of our followers on social media. We asked, ‘Who is the most badass artist you know from Portugal?’ The responses were overwhelming and we had too many to pick from.”


However, “Rita definitely stood out because her work is very personal. Her soul is in there. That is something very important for me as a maker, I have to really admire the person’s work, it needs to resonate,” he continues. During the shoot, the project took on new life—which has been a frequent experience of his. “It happens when you have a moment of recognition about how someone feels about life or the world around him/her and I feel this is the chemistry I try to put in each of the films and the viewer seems to feel that too. I become friends with almost all of our subjects.”


The less-than-five-minute film explores the spirit of Wasted Rita, oftentimes listening closely and intimately to artist as she explains her form and inspiration. She even makes a piece along the way. It’s pretty and thoughtful. And as Berkhout concludes, “The reason why I do this is because I would like to humanize the internet a lot more. We hope many find these stories meaningful and can relate to them.”

For insight into the life of an artist, Like Knows Like is a good place to visit. They also keep a Tumblr updated on what they’ve got in the works.

Images courtesy of Like Knows Like