Invasion: evasion by Baibakov Art Projects


Located in a former chocolate factory overlooking the Moscow River, Baibakov Art Projects is a group of fifteen Russian artists who have been selected to work in the 2,800-square-meter site and have been given complete freedom to create art without the constrictions of overbearing curatorial control.

The not-for-profit exhibition, "Invasion: evasion," was launched with the hopes of placing Russia more firmly on the global art map. The exhibit is meant to introduce Russian contemporary art on an international level in addition to provoking a dialogue about the differences between the traditional and the experimental and between the East and the West. Among the chosen artists are Gosha Ostretsov, Veronica Smirnoff,and Kirill Chelushkin, each already gaining worldwide notoriety as emerging art talents. After 60 years of Socialist Realism, the exhibition is a refreshing glimpse into the future Russia holds for untapped experimental art.

Invasion: Evasion
13 December-1 February 2008
Red October Chocolate Factory
Bersenevskaya Naberezhnaya 6, 3rd Floor
Moscow 119072
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tel. +44 207 323 6963