MAAT’s Playmode Exhibition Intertwines Art and Games

Playful but precise and poignant, the Playmode exhibition (curated by Filipe Pais and Patrícia Gouveiaat and on now through 17 February) at Lisbon’s Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology features works by David Shrigley, Mary Flanagan and plenty of others. The work range from dark and conceptual to entertaining and emotionally informative, and span visual art and gaming to form coherent narratives about life and death, international relations, gun violence and more. For example, David Shrigley’s ping-pong table doubles as tragic tale of being tossed between parents and protective services, while Joseph Delappe’s piece is a modified version of the video game Grand Theft Auto which conveys the gun violence epidemic unfolding in real life in the US. See more at designboom.