Mare139: B-Line B-Boy Drawings and Sculpture


With a discerning eye Carlos “Mare139†Rodriguez deconstructs the kinesthetic of the b-boy in a new series of work on display at the 58 Gallery in New Jersey through this month. (See details below.)

The show is a play on contrasts, featuring striking array of stark black-and-white drawings and sharp-edged metallic sculptures that interplay to create a dynamic dialogue. Each piece has the quixotic language of Joan Miró and the sinuous influence of the concrete urban environment—a conversation of body in motion. The subtle homage paid to dance greats such as Ken Swift is particularly inspiring for lovers of hip-hop's paradigm. Mare139 shows the dichotomy between the spectator and the act. It's the work a cultural ambassador with an original perspective.


A New Yorker who grew up against the landscape of hip-hop in its evolution, Mare was initially drawn to the spray paint art of the subway trains. Taking that influence and going on to work in various mediums, his work analyzes the role of text as it relates to the physical nature of his subject. This exhibition of drawings and sculptures makes his process readily apparent.


This is not his first foray into the landscape of urban dance as a theme. He also designed the B-Boy SPY Award for the Rock Steady Crew. He also created the 2005 and 2007 Red Beat Battle Awards and the BET Award.

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B-Line B-Boy Drawings and Sculpture
The 58 Gallery
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