agnès b. 40th Anniversary Limited Edition Artist T-Shirts

Re-issued shirts from the brand's decades of collaborations with Basquiat, Kenneth Anger and more

In 1994, French fashion label agnès b.—designed by Agnès Troublé—partnered with artist Félix González-Torres for their now-iconic “Nobody Owns Me” graphic T-shirt. Since, the brand has collaborated with more than 60 artists over the years—working directly with the creator (or estate) to develop equally compelling apparel. Troublé’s interest in the arts extends well beyond this. The agnès b. store in SoHo, NYC regularly plays host to gallery openings, as do the brand’s shops in Paris and Hong Kong. To celebrate their 40th anniversary this year and such a rich commitment to the arts, agnès b. is re-issuing 24 limited edition artist T-shirts from their archive—and the results are certainly better than your average graphic tee. Varying across evocative visuals from the likes of Harmony Korine and Jean-Michel Basquiat to text collages from Dash Snow and even Gilbert & George, there’s a diversity to the soft, cotton jersey collection. Other favorites include work by Futura, A-One (both of whom were shown at Troublé’s Galerie du Jour in Paris, back in 1984) and even Kenneth Anger.

The limited edition agnès b. artist T-shirts are available online for $95 each.

Images courtesy of agnes b.