Matthew McGuinness: Casper Disasters


by Ariston Anderson

We first came across Matthew McGuinness' work at Scope Miami last year, when he drove a biodiesel-fueled caravan down to the prosperous art gala. Setting up shop in a trailer, the exhibition was one of the most refreshing parts of the show, featuring intricate collages framed by in materials like recycled soap fats.

He continues in the political tradition with a new exhibit at Greene Contemporary entitled "Casper Disasters'" featuring the same attention to detail with exquisitely printed works. The silkscreens showcase ghostly images of the second Iraq war. An entire wall is camouflaged in pop art colors, along with a noise installation of sounds of war.

"I am transforming reality into a fantasy," he tells Cool Hunting. "I am traversing the Internet for images of car bombs, the duration of the second war in Iraq—images we may be unfamiliar with—and I take digital snapshots of them. Ghost-like forms emerge from the images of physical destruction and emotional disaster, making commentary on the ravages of this particular war." The commentary is a must-see in person, as the images come alive on the canvases.


Our favorite part of the show? The limited-edition tees. Printed in a small edition of 50, the shirts sell for $40 a piece. Shirts are tagged and numbered at the gallery, and followed up with both an iron-on edition patch and a numbered certificate. You can purchase either at the gallery or by calling up to reserve your edition.

Casper Disasters
Through 8 February 2009
Greene Contemporary
9 Clinton Street
New York, NY 10002 map
tel. +1 212 228 8282