Motel 7: Messing With Fire

LA-based alt-pop duo Motel 7 (aka Anton Khabbaz and Dylan Jagger Lee) follow up their anthemic debut single, “Are We There Yet,” with “Messing With Fire,” a layered, genre-defying track driven by emotion and sincerity. “This was one of the first songs we wrote for this EP. I remember it setting the tone for lots of the other tracks in terms of bass and drum energy,” the band explains in a statement. “Once we got the instrumentation and production locked in, we went ahead and recorded our verses.” These verses are composed of varying melodies, which “started as a result of the pandemic and us having to record our parts in our own homes compared to being in the same room together.” Paris Brosnan directed the projection-art music video, which was shot on four different types of cameras—including a classic VHS cam.