National Archives of Game Show History at the Strong National Museum of Play

Inside Rochester, New York’s Strong National Museum of Play, the National Archives of Game Show History will present memorabilia from the nearly 100-year history of competitive broadcast programming (which actually began with quiz shows on the radio). TV producers Bob Boden and Howard Blumenthal founded the archive from their extensive personal collections but currently seek “scripts, set designs, props, technical plans, marketing materials, creative plans, production plans, and more” from other game show professionals, according to Variety. Jeopardy! Greatest of All Time winner Ken Jennings and other major figures have already announced their support. At present, The Strong (“the only collections-based museum in the world devoted to the history and exploration of play”) is expanding by 90,000 square feet with a renovation that’s expected to be done by 2023. Read more at Variety.

Image courtesy of The Strong, Rochester, New York