New American City: Sycamore Farms


When artist and fourth generation farmer Matthew Moore found that farmland his family sold outside of Pheonix, Arizona was slated for a housing development, he decided to protest. Instead of picket signs, Moore took to the land, and recreated the subdivision in crops on neighboring property. He calls the earthwork "Sycamore Farms." Complete with houses represented by sorghum and Black bearded wheat-paved streets, Moore's piece continues themes related to agricultural America and urban sprawl that he's explored in previous works when he mowed large-scale blueprints into fields and lawns.

Sycamore Farms is part of New American City, an exhibit that opens 9 September 2006 at Arizona State University's Art Museum that looks at visual culture and development in and around Phoenix.

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Pictured below, the actual subdivision is under construction in the background.


The house and farm where Moore's family still lives is in the background below.