On Site at NYC’s Full Moon Fest

Previewing the annual all night music and arts extravaganza

Festival season is in full bloom and while it often calls to mind massive fields full of frolicking party people, sometimes smaller festivals deliver a more powerful, potent experience. This certainly holds true for Brooklyn’s Full Moon Fest—which maxes out at 6000 attendees—taking place from 3PM on 1 August 2015 until sunrise the next morning. Now in its fifth year, the ever-growing event has shifted locations—to brand new outdoor events hub Brooklyn Mirage. There, French electro-pop outfit Yelle will headline an all-star roster of dance-worthy acts set among a panoramic view of the Manhattan skyline.

Brooklyn Mirage itself can best be described as an urban oasis. Beach sands have been imported from the south of France (and will be installed tonight) and complement the tropical flora and fauna housed within. For a boutique festival, there’s a lot on offer here. As Max Pollack, one of the founders of Full Moon Fest and MATTE Projects (the creative agency and design house producing the event) explains to CH, “This year is special because the production is on a completely new level, we have a lot more control of the space, and we can go all night long.”

It’s international, but it’s New York. It’s intimate, but feels big.

“Full Moon is our baby that sits between a music festival and a big dance party. It has this amazing energy, I think partially because of the fact that it’s actually a full moon, and also driven by this amazing group of people that we’ve been lucky enough to bring together for the past few years,” Pollack continues. “The music is fun, it’s a mix of up-and-coming and nostalgic dance music. It’s international, but it’s New York. It’s live but also DJ. It’s intimate, but feels big. I think this in between space that blurs lines is what gives the festival its soul.”

Two stages will be active concurrently until midnight—including the Oasis Main Stage, where Yelle performs at 11PM. Then the festival shifts into late-night mode, with their Crew Love Stage hosting music until roughly 6AM—and the main stage adopting a new name, the Moonlight Jungle, with a 2:30AM set from Jacques Greene and a 4AM set from Bob Moses. The roster also features the likes of Tensnake, Rüfüs Du Sol, and MOTHXR. It’s bound to be an ideal balance of chill vibes and dance excitement—all under the light of not just a full moon, but a rare Blue Moon (the likes of which won’t be seen again until January 2018).

General admission tickets are still available online for $80. There will be a very limited number of tickets for sale on site.

Images courtesy of Matte Projects