Director Gary Hustwit (of the acclaimed film Helvetica) is probing another sector of the design world in his new buzzed about documentary "Objectified," hitting theaters in major cities today.

Pondering the intricacies of industrial design and the people who create it, the film tours the globe as Hustwit interviews a lineup of design superstars, who discuss designing everything from a toothbrush and a computer to a piece of furniture.

We had the pleasure of screening the film last month, followed by a lively Q and A with Hustwit and the design-infused audience, which raised the concern that the film only covered the major players in the product design industry, such as Marc Newson, Dieter Rams, Naoto Fukasawa and Jonathan Ive.

While the critique may be valid, the film as a whole suggests just how broad the spectrum of the industrial design field really is, pointing out how little attention average people give to the fact that someone thought about, planned out and designed most everything surrounding us.


The film's cinematography is as stunning as the objects it portrays, all supported by valuable insight from the designers and commentary by a range of respected critics.

Watch the trailer here or read more about the New York screening at Fast Company.