Paddle8 + Sotheby’s La Mer Wave Walk

50 artists, including Dustin Yellin, Tali Lenox and David King Reuben, go to auction benefitting Project 0

For a month now, 50 works by 50 different artists—hailing from various artistic backgrounds—have been scattered throughout the iconic streets and important edifices of NYC. In the form of a circular wave (or, in the case of Julian Schnabel’s contribution, an item affiliated with the ocean), these sculptures comprise Wave Walk—an effort by beauty brand La Mer to raise money for Project 0, a non-profit network aiming to raise awareness about ocean conservation. Further, Project 0 sports the ambitious but realistic goal of safe harboring 30% of the ocean by 2030—which covers everything from coral reef restoration to plastics collection. All profits from the Wave Walk, which is hosted by online auction house Paddle8, will benefit protected areas in the Caribbean, East China Sea and Azores.

Of the 50 contributors, many are household names, some of which hail from unexpected industries. From Dustin Yellin and Tali Lenox to Laird Hamilton, Bruce Weber and Rufus Wainwright, the artistic vision carries tremendous diversity. The works have been on display across NYC—including spots like Brookfield Place and Columbus Circle—since the end of May, but select items transfer to a Sotheby’s live auction on 21 June. One of those pieces, by CH favorite David King Reuben, draws inspiration from the story of Saint Sebastian. His motivation was in fact a question, “Will we help the world recuperate or beat it down once and for it?”And, with so many other questions and voices present (and the support of organizations like La Mer and Project 0), it’s possible that perhaps recuperation will be possible after all.

Video and images courtesy of Paddle8