Paola Pivi at the Kunsthalle Basel


Alaska-based Milanese born Paola Pivi is having her first solo exhibition, "It just keeps getting better", in Switzerland at the Kunsthalle Basel. Our favorite work from the exhibit is the interactive sculpture "E, 2001" (pictured), a cylindrical structure supporting thousands of steel needles that move in reaction to the presence of a human body. The structure is able to detect a visitor utilizing photocells. The needles, which are suspended on nylon strings, react and move toward the visitor. Pivi developed the sculpture together with scientists at the particle physics laboratory CERN in Geneva, Switzerland.

Pivi employs a variety of media, oftentimes exhibiting an interactive element. Most of her work is unusual in size and scope and requires technical knowledge to produce. People, animals and material objects are often shown in odd situations and contexts so they take on modified meaning breaking cultural and social conventions.

The Kunsthalle Basel, which has been running since 1872, is one of the world's leading exhibitors for contemporary art. For more information and images on the exhibit and museum visit the Kunsthalle Basel.

The exhibition runs 19 January – 18 March 2007
Kunsthalle Basel
Steinenberg 7, CH-4051 Basel, Switzerland
Tel +41 61 206 99 00