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Paradigm Vol. 1—Genesis

Celebrated voices, including Noam Chomsky and Wes Lan, unite to address the idea of origin


People, places, dreams, nations, pieces of art—each and every thing has a beginning. This genesis is exactly what the creative team behind Paradigm Magazine has focused on for their first book, “Paradigm Vol. 1—Genesis.” With the help of nearly 60 noteworthy individuals contributing everything from interviews and short stories to philosophical musings and abstract art, “Genesis” stands as a 384-page tome concerned with one of the most important defining concepts. Each page is a thoughtful, vibrant addition to a book that’s as much a cumulative experience as it is words and images.


While the contributor list is lengthy and impressive, some buzz-worthy standouts include celebrated socio-political commentator Noam Chomsky, writer and GQ’s go-to style guy Glenn O’Brien, professional photographer and skateboarder Arto Saari and artist Wes Lang (responsible for the irreverent illustrations plastered on the Yeezus tour merchandise). And yet, regardless of their diverse professions—writers, philosophers, photographers—and their equally diverse perspectives and interpretations, they all stand unified by an idea: one idea which also happens to be a powerful and appropriate start for Paradigm Magazine’s foray into books.


Turning page to page takes a reader from “Ideas of Infinite Involvement,” a conversation with Maxime Buchi interspersed with intimate photography by Odile Bernard Schroder to an in-depth exploration of the origins of the IKEA/Apple lifestyle and the onset of hoarders. Only a few pages later, a poem probes just as deep in only 43 words. There is a mood to the book—an emotion and the ensuing resonance. And as vast and beautiful as it is, each entry can be accessed for its own independent value. Whether a reader is interested in street art or maybe modern mysticism; each piece bolsters Paradigm Magazine’s mission: to create a dialogue on conviction, as well as “record and share a living history of the human experience.”


Printed by Iceland’s Oddi Printing, with a Brillianta Calendre cloth-bound hard cover, the book is physically as lovely as the concept. In addition to the standard offering, Paradigm is also releasing a special limited edition which features a handmade slipcase by artist Jeremy Uglow. Altogether, this independently published first book from Paradigm is an impressive collection worth a deep exploration.

“Paradigm Vol. 1—Genesis” is available for purchase online for $95.

Photos by Graham Hiemstra


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