Parrworld: Objects and Postcards


Known for his images of colorful and humor-filled worlds, legendary British photographer Martin Parr recently released a luscious two-volume set entitled "Parrworld: Objects and Postcards." While Parr has been widely recognized for his vast collection of photography books, these particular volumes depict him as an obsessive collector of postcards and themed objects—all presented with the typical Parr sense of humor.

The first volume features pictures of objects he has collected over the past 25 years ranging from figures of Lenin to the Spice Girls, and even some wrist-watches featuring the face of Saddam Hussein. Other objects focus on the kitsch, such as wallpaper and trays commemorating everything from Sputnik to the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana.


The second volume is a selection from Parr's immense collection of over 20,000 postcards. The entertaining, yet serious, study of postcard history includes cards depicting news events such as car crashes and murders, and finishes with an entire series of "Boring Postcards," which promote the mundane history of things like motorways and shopping.

Parrworld is available from Aperture for $63.