Polo & Pan’s Summer Party Playlist for COOL HUNTING

Upbeat, danceable tunes for your next pool party

In celebration of their new EP Gengis, an upcoming tour and summer in general, French electro-pop duo Polo & Pan (aka Paul Armand-Delille and Alexandre Grynszpan) have created a party mixtape for COOL HUNTING readers. From a Soulwax remix of Charlotte Gainsbourg to Yuksek, Breakbot, and Hubbabubbaklubb, the playlist is meant to get the party started right—which the duo says should look “like the pool scene in Boogie Nights.”

Polo & Pan’s tour starts in Boston (12 September) and wraps up in Oakland (15 November). It’s sure to be full of upbeat disco energy throughout. As Armand-Delille and Grynszpan tell us, “Our songs evoke various emotions, mostly on the positive spectrum: enthusiasm, naïve fun and enchantment. Once in a while we convey something darker for cathartic purposes. We try to build the show like a feel-good movie. With an opening and a happy end, and of course a bunch of adventures in between.”

Gengis is available now, as are tickets for the US tour.

Hero image courtesy of Polo & Pan