Post Office Portraits at the USPS in Jamaica, Queens

This week’s edition of The Cut’s The Look Book (an ongoing series that dives into various NYC workplaces) focuses on the Jamaica, Queens Post Office, where USPS employees are “working 10- and 12-hour daily shifts to keep up with demand.” Photographer Kyle Dorosz photographed 19 individuals, while Katy Schneider and Jane Starr Drinkard asked them questions. Their answers range from pragmatic to emotional, but all are tender and thoughtful. A postal service worker for 14 years, Patricia Staley (pictured) says, “I love my customers. I just literally love them. There’s one elderly woman, my heart. I get her a sausage and egg with no cheese on a roll every day. Another woman, she lost her sister to COVID. I left her a flower on her step. We have to encourage one another.” The feature reveals a little about who these USPS employees are, and reminds us just how important their work connecting the community is. See more at The Cut.