Mikeller Brewing NYC Launches “Queensfisher” Beer with Babu Ji

A crisp, straightforward pilsner released in collaboration with the inventive Indian bistro

With a name like Mikkeller, and the clout it carries, a light and refreshing lager among the brand’s roster of beers might be unexpected. And yet Mikkeller NYC‘s Queensfisher, a tasty pilsner released in collaboration with the acclaimed restaurant Babu Ji, is exactly that. It’s crisp, delicious and—when consumed on the premises—complements exceptional Indian food with precision. In many ways, the brew honors the one year anniversary of the brand’s east coast brewery, attached to Citi Field in Queens. But it also demonstrates that, as wildly creative as they can get, Mikkeller NYC’s team is capable of delivering something successfully straightforward.

A few components define the flavor. It clocks in at a reasonable 4.4% ABV. Saaz hops offer up a fairly expected aroma and ultimately a gentle bitterness. Really, it’s fresh and bright. There’s citrus there if you’re looking, but there’s no need to dig deep. This beer is pleasant and handles complex foods well.

As those familiar with brand have come to expect, there’s cleverness at play in the story behind the beer. This time, it pertains to the name. Queensfisher makes reference to the beloved “beer of India,” Kingfisher—and the unraveling of its mega-rich owner. As that story plays out for a global audience, Queensfisher will make its way to venues in the NYC tri-state area.

Images courtesy of Mikkeller